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Almond Benefits For Hair Health

If during this time you thought that almonds are only used to improve health and skin beauty, then that thought is not entirely right. Several research suggests that almonds have some content that when used properly can improve hair health. Benefits of almond for hair have been proven through various researches. Do you know what benefits are contained in almonds? Below are some almond benefits for hair.


The Almond benefits for hair health

Maintain scalp

Talk about the health of the hair can not be separated from the health of the scalp. And the scalp will need vitamin E and D to support the growth of healthy and strong hair. And almonds are present with vitamin E which relatively high. And of course this vitamin can be used as the intake of vitamins which needed by the scalp. Here’s how: grind some almonds till smooth, and use it to massage your scalp and then do once a week.


Repair damaged hair

Hair breakage is generally caused by a lack of the protein so that the process of growth becomes disturbed. And to solve these disturbances, you have to mix some teaspoons of almond oil with dairy products and use it to massage the scalp.


Healthy hair

Iron is present in almonds is useful to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body including the scalp. When the blood circulation and oxygen maintained properly, then it can help the growth of healthy hair.


Make hair shiny

Dull hair would be a serious problem for women and to overcome this condition you can soak a few grains of almonds for 24 hours. Mash the marinade and then apply to all parts of the hair and the scalp, and do it regularly once a week until you see the results and you get back your shiny hair.


Remove dead skin cells

Next benefit of almond is the ability to remove dead skin cells on the scalp. Keep in mind that the dead skin on the head can turn into serious problems if not treated properly.

Those are some almond benefits for hair that you can use for support you hair health, so hopefully you can always maintain your hair health and hopefully you can avoid hair loss, even baldness, or the other hair problems.


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