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Some Things About Alopecia

What is Alopecia? Alopecia is a condition where the hair loss suffered severe enough. In some conditions, even baldness can not be avoided. Unfortunately, this does not only happen to older people. Thinning and hair loss is precisely at this time that is often experienced by their young age. Proven by research done on 500 patients of the alopecia disease, 70% of them are those who are young and actives.

Alopecia condition is detected with less than 5 years of observation. Where all the time is the amount of hair loss increases dramatically.  Hair thinning occurs slowly in the head and nearly bald head.


Heredity Factor

Is alopecia hereditary? Indeed, sometimes this disease is caused by heredity. This type is difficult to avoid, because in the blood there is already a seed of alopecia. The fix is to keep doing the treatment, that might be could give you a little help.


Hormone Factor

Hormonal changes caused by after childbirth, breastfeeding, menstruation is not regular and the problems of thyroid hormone can lead to alopecia disease.


Lifestyle Factor

Lifestyle also affects the hair loss is severe. For example, such as: work stress problems, fear of job loss, divorce, eating too much fast food and foods made from preservatives, biotin deficiency, imbalances and lack of food intake.




In this condition, hair loss usually occurs in a particular area on the head.


Hair loss caused by genetic factors, this hair loss usually occurs in men from the age of 20 years, and usually occurs in women starting at age 40 years or older than men.


The entire existing hair on the body experience hair loss.


So many factors that can cause alopecia, consider your lifestyle, whether it is in accordance with a healthy lifestyle? Maintain a healthy diet, so that your body always has a healthy condition. So with a healthy condition we can reduce the risk of the alopecia disease.


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