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About Benefits Of Milk For Hair

Besides good to eat and good for the health of the skin, it turns out milk can also be used for hair health. In other words, in addition to health from the inside, milk can also be used for health from the outside. Here are some simple ways to apply benefits of milk for hair growth health.



Some benefits of milk for hair


Every people use different types of conditioners and sometimes they do not realize that the products used by them, contain chemicals that can damage the hair. Therefore, to maintain healthy hair, would not hurt if occasionally we try to use a natural conditioner of milk. The trick: apply the milk on the hair and let sit for 30 minutes. Then, rinse your hair and feel the change.


Dry hair

Milk fats that are good for health and the fat contained in milk can solve your dry hair. The trick: take a glass of cold milk and apply on your head. Make sure the milk is also touching the scalp and massage gently.


Shiny hair

If your hair is dull and difficult to comb, then use milk on a regular basis to get the hair soft and easy to comb. If you want to get shiny hair, apply a mask of milk each week.


Milk mask

How to make a hair mask of milk is quite easily, which mix a few spoonfuls of olive oil and honey into milk. Add bananas that have been mashed into the milk and mix well. Apply on hair and rinse after an hour. Your hair will be soft and healthy.


That's some of the benefits of milk for hair growth health, may be useful and you can use as an alternative to maintain the health of your hair so that your hair is always healthy and can avoid hair loss or baldness.


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