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Top Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Bowl cut hairstyle is kind of short haircuts that dense and has bangs piece leads to the eyebrows. This hairstyle is actually popular in the past, precisely between in the late 80s and early 90s ear. But despite this hair style has long been known, this hairstyle is still widely preferred and used by some celebrities or movies actors. Maybe that one of the reasons why until now there are still many people who uses this hair style. Here are some examples of bowl cut hairstyle.

Several bowl cut hairstyles

Bowl cut hairstyles for women







Bowl cut hairstyles for men





Thus, some things about bowl cut hairstyle, which may be useful for you, as one of the references for your hairstyles. But don't worry if you need another hair styles like bouffant hairstyles or even asymmetrical hairstyles, etc. you can find out right here.


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