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Braid hairstyles is a braid or braids, and also known as a plait or plaits, then as a tress or tresses, is a type of hairstyle that usually worn by women with long hair in which all or part of one's hair is separated into strands, normally three, and then plaited or braided together, typically forming one braid hanging down at the back of the head or two braids hanging down on either side of the head.

Braid hair style is timeless from time to time there are still many women who use it. And if you are one of the fans of this hairstyle, here are some examples or braid hairstyles that may interest you.

Here's some braid hairstyles








If you like braid hairstyles, you can try like the hairstyles in the picture or you try the different style with your imagination. Or you could also try chignon hairstyles and bun hairstyles, or anything that you like it.


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