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Use Branching Hair Tips

Branched hair is very frustrating for us, because in addition to damaging the appearance, is also a sign that our hair is in an unhealthy state. Therefore here are some tips to overcome the branching hair.

How to Cope with Hair Branching

Food consumption

Consumption of foods that contain high protein, hair has the same main ingredient with nails, namely keratin. If your nails look dull, it is certain, that your hair was problematic, intake of nutrients from inside, more beneficial than the use of outside care. No matter how much expensive hair treatment cream which ladies use, if the body, nutritional deficiency, hair and skin will still look dull. Pay attention to food consumption and avoid foods high in calories and cholesterol.

Hair drying

Do not dry your hair with the towel rub, but just taps hair in a towel. Use the towel with natural cotton, which has a high ability to absorb and also gentle to the skin and hair.

Hair conditioner

Dampen hair with a conditioner on the hair shaft and ends. Allow a few moments so moisturizing cream seep into the inside of the hair.

Wash hair

Avoid the use of hot / warm water to wash your hair too often. Hair cuticle will stretch each time exposed to heat, either from hot weather, as well as from the water, which ladies use for bathing, making it vulnerable to damage. Use protection while in the sun or use swimcap when you swim.


Use a wide-toothed comb to disentangle hair when it is still wet / damp, that hair is not broken or damaged.

Drink water

Drink about 8 glasses of water every day, in order to maintain the hair moisture.

Hair treatment

Minimize the damage of the hair, using a hair treatment, beyond the use of shampoo and conditioner. Using a conditioner with a ph balanced after every hair wash, which can restore hair moisture. In this way it can soften the cuticle layer and protects hair from further damage. Find hair care cream, which specially formulated to address hair damage, such as branching hair, use twice a week, during the treatment period, reduce to once a week if hair condition has improved.


Perform regular cuts every 4-6 weeks to remove hair which branched or cracking. Cut end of the hair is a simple solution to hair with old age. After doing the trim, make sure to use hair care cream on the hair ends for extra protection.

Styling tools

Avoid using a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and styling tools with high heat too often, once a day was already too often. Use styling tools max 2 times a week. Adjust to schedule the use of hair care cream. Make sure you are using the extra care the day after you use styling tools with high heat.

Hair tie

Do not tie your hair too often. Do not tie your hair when going to sleep. Let your hair down when sleeping. If forced to tie your hair, make sure you use an elastic material and not be forced when you release it, as if pulled by force, it can damage the stems and roots of the hair.

And last and very important is our psychological condition. Stress can be a health problem, including your hair loss. By doing relaxation and lead a balanced life, can keep you from stress which can certainly support the hair, and even the body, and thus we can avoid branching hair and keep our bodies in good health and fit. But the best solution for hair loss and baldness, please visit:


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