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About Factors of Branching Hair

Many girls are dreaming of a long and healthy hair. But many of the girls were disappointed, because to have long hair, sometimes hair becomes easy branching. Branched hair is a hallmark of the damaged hair. Branching hair caused by dry hair as well as the stress experienced by the hair. Many factors could cause branching hair.

Here are some of the factors causing branching hair

Weather factors

The weather can affect the health of our hair, As an example: if your hair is too long exposed to sunlight, it will make your hair dry and easy branching. So do not let your hair too long in the sun because it can damage the health of your hair. And when you're sunbathing, wear a hat to protect your head from the sun.

The use of chemicals

The use of hair styling tools and the use of excessive chemicals (such as perming, rebonding, hair spray, hair coloring, toning, and so on) can cause your hair is damaged and branching.

Excessive friction on the hair

Combing too hard, or rubbing your hair with a towel too rough, because it will cause excessive friction on the hair, and this can cause your hair to be damaged and branched.

Lack Nutrition

Nutrition is very important for the growth and health of hair, due to lack of nutrients in the body can damage the cuticle and reduce its ability to protect the hair, which can cause hair damage. If the damage is severe enough, the cuticle will not be able to wrap the fiber component of hair, resulting in hair and would have cracked and branched, and can lead to baldness.

Age of Hair

Age can be the cause of branching hair, because if the hair is getting longer, it means that the hair is getting old, of course, more vulnerable to damage, therefore, people with long hair, more at risk of experiencing hair loss problems and hair branching, when compared with the short hair. The damage begins at the end of the hair, the longest part of your hair strands, can cause damage to the hair shaft which still healthy. By letting the hair tip branching, it can lead to the entire strand of hair becomes damaged.

We all want our hair to stay healthy, strong, shiny and protected from baldness. Therefore keep your hair well, do not let the branching hair, treat it immediately, because if left could be worse for your hair.


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