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Bun hair style is a woman's hair style in which hair pulled to one knot at the back or at the top of the head, or it could be on the side of the head or it could be two bun on each side of the head.
This hair style is usually used on formal occasions, so the women who wear it will look beautiful and elegant. And of course you also have to adjust to the clothes that you will use for the event, so that your hair style can be harmonious with the clothes that you use. Below are some of the bun hairstyles that may interest you.

Some bun hairstyles


Take one of the bun hairstyles that you like and match the shape of your face. Don’t ever force it if you do not like it, because one thing that you should notice is when you use it you should be comfortable and confident to use it. But if you wanna see another haircut such as buzz cut or caesar cut, etc. you can find out through this site.

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