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Top Buzz Cut Hairstyles

Actually, the buzz cut hairstyles was originally intended for the men, especially the men who worked as a soldier, but along with the times, now a lot of the women who started using this hairstyle. Indeed, for women, for a change to this hair style they will need a big courage. But as far as we have seen, the results are truly amazing because with the use of this hair style they still look beautiful and sexy, really amazing.

This hairstyle is really simple and usually in arranging this hair style, hair stylist only uses electric clippers, so simple and easy process. And if you wanna try the buzz cut hairstyles, we have some examples below.

Buzz cut hairstyles for men and women

Buzz cut hairstyles for women






Buzz cut hairstyles for men





That's all some examples for buzz cut hairstyles, hopefully you like it. And if you need more, we provide various hairstyles, for examples: casual hairstyles and choppy hairstyles, or other hairstyles that maybe you will like it.



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