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Benefits Of Carrot For Hair Growth

Carrots or better known as the rabbit's favorite food, it is one of the vegetables that contain vitamin A which is very high. The content of vitamin A in carrots is still in the form of beta-carotene or provitamin A, so the content of beta-carotene in the body will not be used entirely. The body will only make vitamin A as needed, so that beta-carotene can be stored in our body. In addition, the carrot also contains flavonoids that are useful to counteract free radicals. Below some benefits of carrot for hair growth and hair health.


Some benefits of carrot for hair growth

Carrot hair mask benefits

In general, the use of carrot hair mask is suitable for those who have normal to dry hair. The following will be delivered multiple uses and benefits of carrot hair mask combined with other materials, as compiled from various sources.


Shiny hair

Hair mask from carrots are combined with yogurt or milk can make the hair become shinier. This is due to the content of protein and fat in the yogurt is useful to coat the hair, so the hair becomes shinier.


Blacken hair

The use of hair mask of carrot combined with hazelnut oil or False Daisy leaves (Eclipta Alba) can be used to make black hair becomes blacker, and more beautiful. The content of essential oil in hazelnut is beneficial for hair pigmentation.


Moisturize and soften hair

The use of honey and carrots as a hair mask may be used to moisten and soften normal hair. Bizarre nature of the honey can be used to retain moisture and acidity of the scalp and hair.


Nourish hair

The use of carrots and egg white as a hair mask can be used to fertilize normal hair. High protein that contained in egg whites useful to nourish hair, so the hair will become more fertile and healthy.


To get the best benefit from the carrot hair mask, it would be better if grated carrot first then filtered to obtain juice. Do not forget also to do a hair mask on a regular basis, just do it once every two weeks.


Those are about benefits of carrot for hair growth and hair health. Hope it is useful for you.


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