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Some Factors That Causes Of Gray Hair

Gray hair is white hair, symptoms often occur in people who are getting old. But at this time, the emergence of grey hair, do not just happen to old people, but young people too, so many have been chastened by the white hair. The emergence of white hair is a symptom of a disorder of protein synthesis. Melanocyte cells could no longer produce pigment, so that the hair loses color. When it appears gray on the head, sometimes itchy, and wants to pull them out. Though this way would bring bad effects, if gray is revoked, it will damage the hair pores and interfere with nerve roots. Below some causes of gray hair.


Factors that causes of gray hair

Age factor

It is undeniable that increasing age, more likely to grow gray hairs, because increasingly we age, our body's ability to produce melanin decreases. Melanin is the substance that produces hair color pigments.


Genetic factor

Conditions that occur in our bodies, most usually obtained from our parents, including in terms of hair color. If one of the parents we are rapidly graying, then we are likely to experience the same thing. Genetics does play an important role regarding when we will lose pigment. If our parents get gray hair prematurely, then we can more quickly gray when compared to our friends. And those whose hair is jet black, gray usually come faster, than the color of brown or blonde hair.



There are several small-scale observational studies, found an association between smoking and the growth of white hair. The cause is that free radicals are produced when a person smokes. As we all know, cigarette smoke can also cause the growth of wrinkles and yellowing teeth and one of them could be the causes of gray hair.



Can stress cause gray hair? The high activity of a person can trigger stress. Stress experienced from day to day may not affect the color of your hair, but a sense of anxiety or tension which very strong, can cause it. There has been no explanation of the science on this, but the big event with stressful, could provide a physiological effect. This could cause changes in pigmentation and hair cycle.


Medical condition

These cases may be rare, but certain metabolic conditions, lack some nutrients, and genetic disorders can also cause gray hair. In addition, there are several treatments of chemotherapy for cancer patients which may affect the mechanism of making pigment. However, you do not need to worry. After the treatment is over, your hair will return to the original coloration.

Those are some factors that cause grey hair, hopefully by knowing the causes of gray hair, we also can prevent gray hair.


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