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Some kinds of cream bath tips

Cream bath is a hair treatment that should be routinely performed because it is useful to always give luster to the hair, nourish hair, keep hair healthy and prevent hair loss, which can lead to baldness.

Many people who often spend their time in the salon just for creambath. In addition to hair care, the massage can make you feel more relaxed. But before you do it, you should choose the type of cream, which is in accordance with the needs of your hair. Below are some cream bath tips.

Here, cream bath tips that you can customize to your hair type


If you just do the hair coloring, If you want to do creambath, you should choose the strawberry cream, because strawberries have the highest antioxidant content of all fruit, so that it can provide protection for the hair, after receiving many chemicals contained in hair dyes.



Besides strawberries, kiwi we can also choose to creambath after hair coloring. The kiwi fruit extract act as antioxidants to protect the hair. Vitamin C and E contained in it can provide moisture. And it will make your hair soft and shiny.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is suitable for normal hair or not problematic. Abortion can help moisturize hair follicles. Aloe Vera also contains saponins germ killers that hair be clean, healthy and protected from germs that can damage the hair.



If the hair is dull, we should do creambath with materials containing hazelnut, because the content of the hazelnut oil can moisturize deep into the hair shaft. So that hazelnut can make more black hair and sparkling.



In hair care, chocolate is used to prevent hair damage. The content in the chocolate will control the moisture level of hair on the scalp. In addition, chocolate has a distinctive aroma and soft for your hair.



For those of you who have dry hair and split ends, there's no harm in choosing an avocado creambath. This fruit contains a lot of oil to moisturize and protect hair. Avocado also will cover the damaged hair cuticle layer.



Creambath the content of ginseng are believed to provide treatment to hair loss and brittle. In addition to providing good benefits for hair, ginseng can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, so it can keep hair healthy and strong.


Those are some cream bath tips, may be useful for you. And once again, adjust your hair type when doing cream bath, in order to get maximum results for your hair. Hair is our crown, so we'd better keep it healthy and strong, and we are always careful in treating hair.


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