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Why When Diabetes Hair Loss Occurs?

Did you know why when diabetes hair loss occurs? Diabetes is a disease that can cause a lot of worries, because this disease can lead to other diseases that could endanger the health of our bodies. But, does diabetes cause hair loss? Did you know that in fact hair loss is one of the symptoms of diabetes? Losing a few strands of hair each day is normal. But when you start to lose more than that, it can be referred to as a severe hair loss can even lead to baldness. For most people, hair loss starts even before the diagnosis of diabetes. In most cases, if the hair loss is accompanied by other symptoms, such as frequent urination, dry mouth, excessive thirst, low energy levels, and the presence of vision problems suddenly, it may cause high blood glucose, and you are required to check-up for sure.

Diabetes is also a side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle, such as fast food, lack of nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, etc. In the following section, we will look at some of the main reasons how does diabetes cause hair loss?

People diagnosed with diabetes are at risk of heart, eye, vascular, and renal complications. But hair loss is a problem that is less talked about, because it is not life-threatening as other risks. Below are some reasons why when diabetes hair loss occurs.


Here's why when diabetes hair loss occurs

Hormonal changes

Hormonal imbalance affects the body in many different ways, and hair loss is one of the main symptoms. Upon the occurrence of diabetes, there are hormonal changes that effect in the body. Medical experts believe that it is the hormonal changes that also affect the health of the hair, which causes hair loss.


Poor blood circulation

We all know that nutrition is very important for hair health. Good blood circulation to the scalp, making the nutrients can be absorbed by the hair follicle, so the hair can grow healthy and strong.

And talks about diabetes and hair loss, in most cases of diabetes, the blood flow in the body will be disturbed. This causes poor circulation of the blood, especially to the extremities of the body, one of which is the head. With poor nutrition, the hair follicles become weak and eventually die. And this causes excessive hair loss. Lack of blood supply to the scalp can prevent the growth of new hair.


High Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetics may also experience excess hair loss due to high blood glucose levels. And the high levels of glucose in the blood can interfere with the metabolism of the body's organs, including the disruption of blood circulation and absorption of nutrients to the hair follicle, so the hair becomes weak and easily fall out.



Treatment for diabetes involves the consumption of drugs that may be the cause of hair loss. Some medications can trigger hair loss in diabetics. In this case, consult your doctor for a better solution.


Weak Immune System

Most people with diabetes are at risk of suffering from certain problems like thyroid. And if the thyroid is not functioning properly, it can cause extreme hair loss. Other skin diseases and rashes can cause unhealthy scalp and this condition can lead to weak hair follicles and lead to hair loss and even baldness.


Stress and Other Factors

Diabetics are particularly susceptible to stress, because they have to face a variety of rules in their lives. And as we all know stress is one of the causes of hair loss.


So that's the answer to does diabetes causes hair loss? And why when diabetes hair loss occurs? Consult to your doctor immediately if you indicate diabetes, and ask for a good treatment so it does not cause hair loss. Take exercise regularly and maintaining your diets so that you always consume safe and healthy foods.

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