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Between Diet And Hair Loss

Almost everyone wants to have an ideal body and to get the ideal body, much the way they do, one of which is a strict diet. But did you know that a poor diet can cause hair loss? Hairs is a valuable asset for everyone, but do not because we want to get the ideal body then we ignore the health of our hair. So, is there any correlation between diet and hair loss?


What happened between diet and hair loss?

According to experts one of the characteristics of people who suffer from anorexia is thin and dry hair. And the above conditions because due to poor nutritional intake and unbalanced. And body protein deficiency, will disrupt the hair growth, even in some cases completely stopped.


The normal and good hair circulation is depending on the health of the hair itself. Nutrition is very important in the growth of healthy hair. Therefore, when your hair is dry this could be the beginning of hair loss, even this can lead to baldness.


This does not mean that you should not diet. Of course you can still do a slimming program, as long as you consume nutritional intake is balanced and can distribute throughout the body appropriately. So to balance between diet and hair loss, we must choose the intake of foods that are suitable for your diet and the health of your hair.

Those are some things about diet and hair loss. So diet properly, but do not ignore the intake of nutrients that needed by the body, including the nutrients which needed by the hair. So if you do the diet properly, besides you can get a slim body, you can also protect your hair from hair loss and avoid baldness.


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