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Treat Your Dry Hair

In this world, some people may be born with hair that tends to dry, but mostly dry hair is not caused by organic or genetic problems. But it is usually caused by bad habits. For example, the chemicals contained in hair dyes, chlorine in swimming pools, and use water that is too hot can also cause your hair dry. Similarly, if too often in the use of shampoo, or using hair styling tools like hot comb, hot rollers and hair dryer, or too much exposure to the sun and the wind can make the hair become dry.

How to treat your dry hair

Avoid heat

The use of hot rollers and hot comb can make your hair dry. Hot roller is more severe impact because the hair while heat shrink stretch. Hot combs, also stretch the hair and make hair exposed to heat. We can use a hair dryer to dry your hair, but set over low heat, and do not pull or stretch hair when exposed to heat.


Avoid excessive shampoo

Excessive use of shampoo is a common cause that makes hair dry. Many people think that shampoo should be used every day. In fact it will make the hair's natural oils lost. Use shampoo at least once every three days. Excessive use of shampoo is a common cause that makes hair dry. Many people think that shampoo should be used every day. But in fact it will make the hair lose its natural oils. But you should not be too uncommon in use shampoo. Use shampoo at least once every three days. Use a gentle shampoo to stimulate hair oil glands.


Use a gentle shampoo

Dry hair requires a gentle shampoo with moderate acidity (pH 4.5 to 6.7). Some people suggested that we use baby shampoo. But, it's not the right advice, because in the fact baby shampoo has a high pH (alkaline / alkaline) so that it makes the hair dry.


Use conditioner

Dry hair, need a conditioner. Use a conditioner that does not contain alcohol because alcohol is drying. Use a conditioner that contains vitamins needed by the hair, and adjust the conditioner with your hair type, and make sure the conditioner does not contain chemicals that are harmful to your hair or if you are in doubt, choose herbal conditioner that contains no chemicals, so that your hair stays healthy, moist, and strong and avoid from baldness.


Apply gentle with your hair

Dry hair is usually easier fragile, branched and easily broken. We should carefully take care of them. Try to wash your hair softly. Do not pull or stretch hair with scrolls. Do not rub the scalp with nails, because will break the hair, and it could make the scalp irritated. Massage your head hair with fingertips. Massaging the scalp will stimulate the oil glands hair. Do not comb hair, when your hair is wet. Choose a soft comb edges, particularly those with a rubber on the end of the comb.


Use egg

Break the eggs, take half a cup of warm water to mix, and then stir evenly. After that, apply evenly to your hair. Rinse with warm water to clean and does not need to use shampoo, because the eggs will clean your hair and oiled, so it can make your hair look shiny. And in essence there are many benefits in egg yolk or egg white that you can use to maintenance your hair health.


Use mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a very good material for dry hair. Use shampoo to wash your hair and then take as much as a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Apply to the hair evenly. Wrap your hair for 20-30 minutes with plastic wrap. And then wash your hair with shampoo to clean it.

Those are some tips to treat your dry hair, and now you also can read how to get rid of dry hair naturally and about what the causes of dry hair. But for hair loss and baldness problems, you can visit for the best below:

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