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Best Emo Hairstyles

Initially, emo hairstyles applied to many men. However, as the development of hairdressing, now many women choose stylish emo haircut. As long match the shape of the face, of course not a problem. In fact, for those who have an oval face, emo create the impression of a fresh, energetic, and style.
Emo hair styling technique is to lengthen the front of the hair, so that one side of the face covered. Mysterious effects really dominate this emo haircut. Emo hair style can also be combined with harajuku style. How: by adding various piercing and pitched gothic makeup. Distinctive emo hairstyles and harajuku is the effect. Emo hair tends to create the closed impression, while harajuku more open, lively, and cheerful.

Some emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyles for girls


Emo hairstyles for guys


That's some examples of emo hairstyles that you can use for your hairstyles experience. And if you require beehive hairstyle or bowl cut hairstyle, etc. you can search here.

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