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Benefits Of Fish Oil For Hair Growth

Since long, fish oil has been known as one of the supplements that have many health benefits. In fact most people consider fish oil as medicine. But did you know that fish oil turns out to have the ability to restore hair vitality and improve its quality? Especially if you are have a problem with hair loss that can lead to baldness.


Actually, the benefits of fish oil for hair growth are strongly influenced by the content of the fish oil itself. Here are some lists of fish oil content:

The Contents Of Fish Oil For Hair Growth

The Omega 3

One of the important substances contained in fish oil is omega 3. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is needed by the body especially to aid in regeneration. If your body is deficient in essential fatty acids, the following symptoms may appear, such as: poor hair growth, dry skin or wound healing is very slow. In relation to healthy hair, benefit of omega 3 is to provide adequate nutrition to the hair follicles that make hair shinier naturally.



Proteins in fish oil is another component that can also help in hair growth. One of the effects of lack of protein intake is hair loss and also makes the hair becomes limp and greasy.


Other Essential Fatty Acids

Other substances found in fish oils are essential fatty acids such as Omega 6 and Omega 9 as well as DHA and EPA. These substances are believed to be able to make the hair look more beautiful and avoid dandruff and dry scalp.

So, it turns out there are several benefits of fish oil for the hair that we did not know before. There is no harm if from now on we try to regularly consume fish oil, because in addition to healthy for the body is also good for keeping our appearance.

That's some stuff about the benefits of fish oil for hair growth, may be useful for all of us, so we can grow the hair that have been loss, and we can avoid hair loss and baldness.

Do not over in consume, because everything excessively can cause bad effects that are not good for us. (Consult your physician before using it)


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