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We Need The Fragrant Hair

In addition to the hair clean, healthy and strong, it would be better if our hair was always scented. With fragrant hair, we will be more confident when adjacent to another person. And of course, our loved ones will be more comfortable when they are adjacent to you. Below are some fragrant hair tips, which you can use.


Here are some fragrant hair tips

Wash hair regularly

Make it a habit so that you are always organized in washing the hair, so the hair and scalp oil level can be maintained and remain stable. When the hair moisture can be maintained, it will be able to retain fragrance longer than the limp hair. But do not wash your hair too often because it can cause hair damage.


Using shampoo with the fresh fragrant

Use a shampoo and conditioner with a fresh fragrance. For example lemon, flowers and so on. Do not forget to choose a shampoo that suits with your hair type, so as not to damage your hair. Aroma is attached along with the shampoo will last and refreshing scent of your hair. So your hair will always fragrant and fresh.


Do not cover hair when damp

When hair is half dry, avoid covering it with a towel. Make sure your hair is always dry naturally before being tied or covered.


Change pillowcases and wash your comb regularly

Pillowcase is one thing that often interact with hair. Avoid contact with the pillow case was old and smelly. Always changing pillowcases regularly and drying your pillow to avoid mildew. Besides pillow cases, you also have to regularly clean hair brushes, because if our comb dirty, will lead to germs that can damage hair and cause an unpleasant smell.


Use Hair Mask

Hair mask, useful for coat and nourish the hair shaft, when your hair shaft healthy, then your hair fragrant, will last longer. Perform maintenance hair mask 1-2 times a week.


Avoid the sun bronzed

If you want to keep your hair fragrant, persist in 1-2 days, avoid direct sun exposure. Flush your hair with tea water, or essence of roses can also help maintain the hair fragrant.

Those are some things about fragrant hair tips. Clean hair, healthy hair and strong hair is a dream for all of us, but it would be better if our hair, besides clean, healthy and strong, also will really more perfect when our hair, can remain fragrant and fresh. So that anyone who is close to us will always feel happy and comfortable and it will give you a support to enjoy your life more fun and confidence.


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