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Use Fruits For Hair Mask

All of us, certainly do not want our hair to fall out, dull and unhealthy, because all it would be very disturbing our appearance. Use a hairdryer, or the tools of the hairstyles, and often hair coloring, are factors that can cause hair damage. Our desire to always want to look pretty and fashionable, sometimes makes us look for various ways to make a good hair, without regard to the impact it will have on our hair.

However do not worries you can use a hair mask to handle it. Many products mask, which has been on sale in stores or supermarkets. Hair mask, it is very useful for hair health. But if you want, you do not have to buy it, because you can also make it in the home.

Cope with hair loss, is not enough just use shampoo. Research says that keeping the food menu, also has a major effect on hair loss. When the menu of food consumed was good then the hair loss can be reduced.

Eating vegetables such as spinach, carrots or broccoli, can also help control hair loss. However, there are other ways that we can use to treat hair loss is with some fruits for hair mask.

Here are some fruits for hair mask

Strawberry mask

Bioflavanoid content of the strawberries, can improve blood circulation thereby reducing hair loss naturally. Crushed strawberry, and then mask it on the head and let stand for a while before rinsing with water.


Orange mask

Oranges, rich in vitamin C can be applied to the scalp to trigger hair growth to be more dense and lush. Just apply the lemon juice just on the head, then massage and allow a few minutes before the wash.


Lemon mask

Lemon as one fruits for hair mask in addition to help cope with hair loss also helps relieve itching on the scalp that can cause dandruff. Rinse the scalp and this will make your head feel cool and comfortable, and the lemon has a very refreshing aroma. So, you can comfortably use it.


Mask of plum

This fruit is often found in the supermarkets anyway. And you simply smash and mask it from the scalp to the rest of the hair shaft to reduce hair loss.


Papaya mask

In addition to improving digestion, papaya is the best exfoliator for the skin and hair. Combine with milk and honey, and then apply all over the scalp to overcome hair loss and itching.


Mask of guava

Guava contains a lot of vitamin A, guava can nourish hair and improve the function of the nerves around the scalp. How to use it: smash guava and add 1 tsp of honey and lime juice. Apply and leave it for a while before washing as usual.


Bananas mask

Mash bananas and then applied to all parts of the hair to reduce and control the hair loss. In addition, bananas also can make the hair shaft, more shiny.

Those are some tips about fruits for hair masks, may be useful for the health of our hair. But you must remember, avoid using the mask for too long, use a mask is not more than 5 minutes. And if you have hair loss and baldness problems, you can visit the best at:


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