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About The Function Of Hair

If we are look at every part of our body a lot of hair that grows. And it turns out, the hairs were not only served as decoration, but there are some functions contained therein. And here we are trying to talk about the function of hair that grows on every part of our body.




Here function of hair for us

On the head

The hair that grows on the head serves to protect the scalp from the ultraviolet rays and the cold. And the hair on your head amounted to no less than 100,000 strands of hair and every strand grows within 2 to 6 years. But the hair will experience a loss every day, 50 to 100 strands, but will be followed by new hair growth.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

The functions of eyebrows and eyelashes are in addition to beauty also to withstand sweat and rain on the forehead and then to the eye. Eyebrows can also deepen the true character of your face.


In the Nose

With the hair in the nose, then the mold, bacteria, dust or spores that enter the nose will be blocked and filtered. In addition, the hair in the nose also works to increase the inhaled air humidity. It is very important for advanced respiration process.


Mustache, beard, chest hair and stomach

Function of mustache and beard it is a sign of secondary sex on adult men, or as one of distinguishing between men and women. And then the hair on the chest and abdomen also serves as a sign of male secondary sex for adult.


In the armpit

As with any other body hair, armpit hair usually starts to grow at puberty and grow normally until the late teens (18-20 years). And armpit hair serves expel moisture from the skin which helps the skin so dry enough to prevent the development of bacteria that emit odors.


On the Hands and Feet

Functions of hair on the feet and hands is as sensor the most effectual sensor. Suppose we walk in the shrubbery, many things which responded by our feet. Ranging from itchy plants, or can respond if there is a caterpillar.


On the genitals

Various theories suggest that the function of the hair on the genitals are to provide warmth, a visual indication of sexual maturity, the collection of pheromones spending, reduce the external friction during sexual intercourse, protected areas that covered by pubic hair, because it is a sensitive area.

That's some hair functions in every part of our body, may be useful for us and can add to our knowledge about the function of hair.


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