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Ginseng is a plant that is found in the area of Korea. Due to being the largest producer of ginseng, Korea is often referred to as the land of ginseng. Ginseng produced in Korea, different from the ginseng produced in other regions. Typical Korean ginseng has a very good quality and also larger than other ginseng. Therefore, the benefits contained in it are also greater.

Ginseng is believed to have many benefits. On average, the Korean ginseng used for their traditional ingredients. They believe, ginseng can cure various diseases and has been believed since the time of their ancestors. In addition, ginseng is also often made as a tonic for stamina and also made the soup. The ginseng soup helps warm the body when the weather is cold or snowing.

Ginseng is also beneficial as a refreshing body when the body feels weak and tired because of too much energy out; this is due to the chemical content of ginseng which serves as a steroid or energy booster. According to some studies that have been done, Koreans apparently also use ginseng for hair care in order to their hair can grow healthy, strong and can avoid hair loss or baldness. Here are some of the benefits and uses of ginseng hair mask.

Strengthens hair roots

Terpenidol glycisides or ginsenoside which contained in ginseng can be used to help strengthen hair roots, because the function of the terpenidol glycisides or ginsenoside is the giver of extra nutrients, so it's will help the hair roots become stronger.

Prevent dandruff

Saponin content of which is an anti-bacterial compound in ginseng can be used for preventing excessive dandruff caused by bacterial activity. So that the scalp can be clean and free from dandruff. It's very important, because one of the requirements of healthy hair is hair without dandruff.

Prevent hair loss

Strengthening the hair roots also indirectly prevent hair loss caused by hair roots less get optimal nutrition. And in this case ginseng is able to optimize the absorption of the nutrients needed by the hair.

Protect hair

Cellulose contained in ginseng, is strengthening the surface layer of hair, also can be used to protect hair from the sun that can damage the hair.

Prevent gray hair

Contains oil and phytosterols in ginseng can be used to ward off free radicals that can cause hair to become shorter life, so that the onset of gray hair on the hair can be prevented.

Thus some of the benefits and uses of ginseng for hair care, especially ginseng hair mask, which turned out to have various properties, for hair health so that we can prevent hair loss or baldness. It is better to use a hair mask of ginseng, done a break when they went to sleep, so that condition of the body can be more relaxed and at ease, because essential oil content in ginseng can also be used as aroma therapy. Indeed, the application of ginseng hair mask would be better if no washing after application. But if you have severe hair loss or baldness, you can find the best solution at:


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