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Green Tea Benefits For Hair

Green tea has the scientific name Camellia sinensis, many things that we can use from green tea benefits, and one of them is use for hair health and helps cure for baldness or hair loss. Nature is indeed filled with plants that are beneficial to our health. Besides these plants grows naturally, also easily obtained, especially in the tropics. And here we will talk about the benefits of green tea, which turned out, not only can be used as a beverage for the health of the body, but can also be used for the health of our hair. And here are some things about the benefits of green tea to the health of our hair.

Some green tea benefits for hair

DHT Problems

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone testosterone that is naturally present in men and women. Changes in body hormones in men and women, usually leads to hair loss. The process of hair loss and baldness in men, one of them caused by the condition of the hair follicles, which have a nature sensitive to DHT. Therefore one way to cure for baldness is by reducing the amount of DHT in the blood stream. Consume green tea regularly can increase the amount of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in the bloodstream. SHBG is able to capture the hormone testosterone before it turns into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which can cause hair loss. So that the reasons we can use green tea for hair loss.


Blood flow to the hair follicles

Green tea is a plant that has many catechin polyphenol content, based on the study of health experts molecules of catechin polyphenols have anticarcinogenic properties as well as can be useful as an antibiotic. On scientific research conducted in experimental animals (rats) showed that catechin molecules are able to make a better contraction of the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow to the cardiovascular system as well as the small blood vessels, including blood flow to the hair follicles to. So it will help all those who are on cure for baldness. So besides we can use benefits of green tea for hair loss, we can use benefits of green tea for hair health


For dandruff and psoriasis

Green tea is effective to get rid of dandruff on the scalp that arises in treating skin diseases (psoriasis) by improving the irritation that occurs on the scalp. Therefore, as has been reviewed earlier in this article that the use of green tea that has been allowed to stand for overnight can improve the health of the hair and scalp, and eliminate dandruff mainly that lodged in the hair and scalp. And that's why we can use green tea for hair that has dandruff.


Hair strength and hair humidity

It contains panthenol, C vitamin and E vitamin is found in green tea is believed to strengthen hair roots. E Vitamin serves to help the regeneration of hair and repair damaged hair. The content of C Vitamin is found in green tea may protect hair from ultraviolet rays of sun radiation.

Those are some green tea benefits for hair that we can use for hair treatment or in helping to cure for baldness.


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