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Avoid Hair Dryer For Hair Health

Hairdryer is the thing that is needed by most women, because it can dry your hair quickly. But from now on, you should reduce or avoid the use of a hairdryer, because there are some negative effects that could result from using it. Below are some of the negative effects of excessive use of hair dryer.

Bad effects from the use of a hair dryer

Hair dryer make your hair dry and branching

It is triggered by the heat of the hairdryer, which can make the hair's natural oils reduced, even can be discharged in an instant. When the hair's natural oils is reduced, then the hair will become dry and branching.


Hair dryer make your hair brittle

This is a side effect that is very bad for your hair. You need to know that the extreme temperature changes can damage anything. And of course you know that the temperature of your hair after shampooing certainly very low and cold. However, the heat of a hairdryer makes the extreme temperature changes in the hair, so that's the reason why a hair dryer can make your hair becomes damaged and brittle.


Hair dryer leads to hair loss

Natural oils found in hair is useful for hormone stimulated hair growth. And use a hair dryer can dry the natural oils in your hair. And if you use conditioner, conditioner will be dry and will not be optimally absorbed by the hair, so that your hair becomes dry and fall off. And if this continues, it could lead to baldness.


Those are some side effects that are very detrimental to the health of the hair if we use a hairdryer excessively. Therefore, avoid using a hairdryer in the long term, use only when urgent. Or you can also change the hairstyle with a short haircut, so the hair drying process can be faster and do not have to use a hair dryer that can make your hair dry, branching, brittle, hair loss even baldness. But if you are experiencing hair loss or balding, you can get the best solution and the best methods at:


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