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Baldness is caused by many factors. In addition to the genetic factors that contribute very significantly, also by environmental factors around the hair that is too hot. It could also be due to the use of chemicals such as curling drugs, straightening and polish hair and scalp infections caused by bacteria or hair fungus. Hormonal factors are also an important part accounted for baldness. In addition to stress, and nutritional state of the person.

This baldness condition not only affects the elderly, but can also attack young age. Hot weather around us will allow a person sweats. Consequently increase the humidity in the scalp which is a medium for hair fungus growth. So the fungus really need to watch out, because hair fungus is one of the causes of baldness. Fungal infections spread by fungal spores from direct contact with patients and contact with personal equipment such as towels, clothing, hats, helmets, comb or hair brushes. In addition it can also spread through the fur of pets, such as cats and dogs.

About infections of hair fungus

Fungal infections of the head is called tinea capitis. Symptoms usually characterized by excessive itching on the scalp. There are several type hair fungus or Tinea Capitis:

  1. Gray patch
  2. Black dot
  3. Kerion
  4. Favosa

In essence, to prevent hair fungus, we must always maintain the cleanliness of the hair, because the source of fungus comes from dust, sweat or dirt on the hair or scalp, so the hair becomes dirty, and easily cause fungus infections. So keep your clean hair, so the fungus will not attack our hair and our hair will always be healthy and strong, and can avoid hair loss or baldness. Clean your hairbrushes or combs and a variety of tools related to your hair, so that when you use these tools in a clean and ready for use. Consult your doctor immediately if you feel the symptoms of the fungal infections.


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