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How Hair Growth Process

Hair growth process starts with the formation of new cells at the hair root. The cells are then formed a stem which later grew into the outer skin. When grown outside, it stops the cells absorb nutrients and begin to produce keratin (a protein). This process is called keratinization. When keratinization, then the hair cells die. Together with keratin, the dead cells then form the hair shaft.

Actually, hair grows faster in hot weather than in cold weather, grew more slowly at night than during the day.

Each strand of hair grows along the 6 millimeters in one month and will continue to grow up to 6 years. Then the hair will fall out by itself and then replaced by new hair

Long hair every person, depending on the growth phase of the follicle. Follicles are usually active, about 2 to 6 years, and then rest for 3 months. When the follicle is no longer active and not produce new hair, the hair loss will occur.


Everyone's Hair Growth Process

Every person has different hair thickness. Thick hair comes from large follicles, whereas thin hair, has a small follicles. Everyone's hair texture, whether straight, wavy, or curly, is determined by the shape of hole follicles, on the surface of the skin and spread of keratin.

Original hair color is also different because each person depending on the number and distribution of melanin in the cortex, if lack melanin hair will be blonde or red. But hair can also contain yellow and red pigments. In older people hair usually becomes gray because pigment no longer formed.


Hair health

To maintain healthy hair, you should:

  • When you wash your hair, you should not use water that is too hot.
  • Do not use shampoo, if it contains chemical elements that are not clear.
  • Comb your hair gently and avoid combing hair when the hair is still wet, because when wet, the hair in the most fragile state.
  • Avoid using hair creams, gels, hair dye and hairspray, because they contain many chemicals that can damage the hair.
  • Stop, or at least reduce, the use of hair dryers. Try to keep hair dry naturally by using a towel and wind in the open air. When dry, rub gently with your towel.
  • Use a hat or scarf, so that your hair is protected from sun exposure.
  • Avoid tight bond to your hair. Also, stop hair pulling habit for no apparent reason.
  • Use sharp scissors when you cut the hair. Less sharp scissors will only be a negative effect to the hair roots and damage the structure of your hair.


Also, do not forget:

  • Eat nutritious foods, especially those containing protein and iron. If you are following the weight loss program, consider the nutritional content of your diet. Reduce consumption of caffeine and stop smoking. Both are proven to be good for our health.
  • Stay away from drugs that could potentially interfere with the growth of your hair.
    Diligent exercise because exercise regularly will accelerate blood circulation, including blood flow to the scalp to nourish the hair roots and facilitate hair growth. Enough rest so your hair grows optimally.
  • Avoid stress because stress will interfere with the body's metabolism that could potentially affect the growth of your hair.

Those are some things about the process of hair growth, and to keep the hair growth process we should always keep the hair always gets good care and good nutrition.


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