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About Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Talk about hair loss after pregnancy (Postpartum Hair Loss) is occurred due to an increase in estrogen that occurs during pregnancy. The hormone estrogen, extending the growth phase of hair, so hair feels thicker when the women is pregnant. But after giving birth, hormones return to normal and the hair growth phase will be back again, characterized by hair loss.


Female Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Based on the research of health experts, pregnant women experience hair loss after pregnancy. Usually the hair loss occurs after giving birth and will be back to normal, after 6-12 months, except if the mother gets depressed after childbirth.

And the good news is hair loss after giving birth, will be able to recover back to normal. Except, if you continue to experience hair loss, need to do medical research such as blood tests, to find out if there are other factors that can causes of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss are hormonal changes then this can not be avoided and stopped. But do not worry; you can encourage the growth of your hair back, with a scalp massage every morning for 1-2 minutes before shampooing, or by applying scalp stimulant mask.

With good hair care habits will help hair grow faster and healthier. Diligent washing or shampooing is the simplest way to take care of hair, but should use good products that match your hair type. Consumption of nutritious foods and protein are also essential. Protein is very good for hair health, to be sure you get adequate protein intake from your foods.

Tips reduce hair loss after pregnancy

  • Do not tie your hair too tight and avoid braiding hair or too tight using hair rollers, so that the scalp is not stress that can trigger hair loss.
  • Consumption of nutritious foods, especially those contains nutrients that can stimulate hair growth and minimize the hair loss.
  • Take foods that contain vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E to be consumed on a regular basis.
  • Use shampoo that fit with your hair type and choose the shampoo that can make your hair stronger and healthier, thus reducing the occurrence of your hair loss.
  • Choose a loose comb to reduce hair loss.
  • Minimize the uses of the tools such as hair dyer or the other devices that emit heat that can damage the hair.
  • Do not be stressful and always think positively so that your hair does not fall out. Enjoy your periods become a mother with a relaxed and happiness.

Those are some things about hair loss and pregnancy, and some tips about hair loss after pregnancy. As a woman there is no harm if you would want to always look beautiful in front of your husband, and there is no harm if we always maintain our beauty, and one of them is to take care of your hair, so your hair stays healthy, strong and avoid baldness. And to complete your information you can explore hair loss during pregnancy or the other articles that may be beneficial for your hair health.


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