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What Causes Of Hair Loss In Women?

Hair loss occurs mainly due to the long hair and fragile hair roots. Therefore if you are in a phase of hair loss, it helps you use the short hair style, so that the hair does not have a load that is too heavy. And if you are experiencing hair loss, things you should pay attention is the root of the hair. Squirt hair tonic after every shampoo to strengthen hair roots. Causes of hair loss in women can vary, which can be caused by stress, radiation, the use of hard drugs, or circumstances after childbirth.

Other causes of hair loss in women are hormone, chronic diseases, fungal skin, allergies and even stress. If the hair loss continues, you should consult a dermatologist and genital nearby. If the amount of hair loss is more than 100 strands per day, it can be said that hair loss is not normal.

Addressing the causes of hair loss in women is by avoid excessive intake of vitamin A, avoid bleach hair, giving the oil on the scalp and use a protein conditioner. And the things to note is do not let the bed with hair tied, because it will lead to hair loss.

Proper hair cares for hair loss in women

• Do not comb hair when wet.
• Allow hair to dry naturally.
• Hair dryer low temperatures.
• Hair dryer distance of 10-15 cm.
• comb, not brush hair.
• Comb long serrated.
• Do not tie your hair too tight.
• Frequent change the line parts and hairstyles.
• Often parse hair.
• Combing taste.
• Protects the hair from sunlight.
• Provide time for hair care.

Those are some things about the causes of hair loss in women and if you wish you can also read the causes of hair loss in men or the other articles for your hair health. Take care of our hair to keep it healthy and strong, because the hair is our crown and the source of our confidence.


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