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About Hair Rebonding Side Effects

Many people who like to use a flat iron for straighten their hair. The flat iron is a tool for hair straightening (rebonding), which works by clipping the hair strands to make hair to be straighter.

But actually using a flat iron can give adverse implications for the hair. And some health experts explained the facts about the use of a flat iron. Here are some of the hair rebonding side effects.


Hair Rebonding Side Effects

Burning Hair

Some experts say, use a flat iron can actually damage the hair. Especially if done improperly or too frequently. They explained that the fine structure of the hair shaft is composed of two main layers. The First is the inner or medulla and the outer layer or cuticle.

Experts say healthy hair has a structure with a cord that is full of water and air, also accompanied by a soft cuticle. The hollow structure also makes light can penetrate and impact luster and reflective. High heat of the flat iron will damage both these layers.

And then the bad habits when styling your hair, in general, sometimes we try too hard to make hair do something that is not needed. And uniquely, that dead hair after damaged it cannot repair without cutting. And in fact most of the hair damage is located in the hair fiber. Not at the hair root. So after emerging new hair, hair condition will soon back to normal.


Eliminating hair moisture

The moisture content is very important for hair health and beauty, as well as on the skin. Humidity is a factor that can keep the nutrition and elasticity of our hair strands.


Too much give heat to the hair can cause hair cracked, not shiny, and become dry. Hair also loses its natural moisture when too often exposed the flat iron, this makes your hair cuticle dries and the hair becomes brittle.


Flat iron works using the natural moisture of the hair to create a new style. This is why experts recommend a flat iron should be used after your hair is completely dry, because it uses a flat iron on dry hair is much more effective.

When selecting a flat iron it says should choose tools that emit steam. So the hair drying effect can be minimized. Also choose a flat iron coated with Teflon. At least use a product that can protect hair from heat styling.

And the impact of the use flat iron, most noticeable on the hair thick and curly, because they require more heat to make straight hair.


Those are about hair rebonding side effects, may be you can consider if you want to straighten your hair. We know our appearance is one of the important things, but we must consider the health of our hair, because the health of our hair is the most important things.


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