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Caring For The Hair Root

Causes of hair loss because hair roots are not strong, therefore, take care of your hair root, so your hair can grow healthy and strong, because when we have a healthy and strong hair, will make your hair more beautiful and can avoid hair loss or baldness. Below some tips to strengthen hair root.



Here tips how to strengthen hair root

Selection of shampoo

Choose suitable shampoo for your hair type; because the selection of an improper shampoo can damage your hair even aggravate the condition of the current health of your hair. Get to know your hair type correctly, in order to determine what kind of shampoo that really suitable for your hair.


Use conditioner

Use conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. Because the conditioner has a function to keep the hair remains soft, and materials contained in conditioner, as well as a protector for your hair that can be eroded by the shampoo.


Provide nutrition

Nutrition for hair can be obtained through foods, hair tonics or other materials. And to strengthen the hair root from the inside, we can consume foods such as protein, omega3, iron and calcium which we can get from green vegetables, kinds of nuts, milk and eggs.

Use additional nutrients for your hair, and these extra nutrients can use a hair mask that you make yourself at home using natural ingredients that aims to strengthen the roots of your hair.


Leave the hot water

Avoid hot water when washing your hair. The use of warm water when rinsing or washing your hair will cause the loss of moisture from your hair.

Thus some tips to strengthen hair root may be useful for us. By strengthening the roots of your hair, in addition to avoid the problem of hair loss, certainly it would make your hair healthier and stronger than ever. But if you have severe hair loss or started going bald, don't worry you can visit:


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