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Does Wearing A Hat Cause Baldness And Hair Loss?

Does wearing a hat cause baldness and hair loss? There is a myth that people who frequently wear a hat or head covering can cause hair loss and eventually lead to baldness. Many myths and facts circulating in the community about the causes of hair loss and wearing a hat is a controversial one. The truth about does wearing a hat cause baldness and hair loss is dependent on how often you wear a hat, what kind of climate, tight headgear that you wear and how the hair treatment done.

Some people believe that a hat can cause hair loss is due to many people who experience hair loss always wore a hat to cover their baldness, so many people who concluded that the use a hat can cause hair loss and baldness.
But actually if we know how to use the correct hat, not too tight, not too long and accompanied by a good hair care, then the hat will not be a cause of hair loss.

Wearing a hat if it is too long and too tight on a hot and humid climate can indeed contribute to the excretion and accumulation of sebum and oil on the hair.

Sebum is a waxy substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin to the hair follicle. Sebum can react with cholesterol plaques that could make hardened sebum that disrupts the circulation of oxygen and blood to the hair follicles that is essential for normal growth of hair follicles.

So the conclusion is that a hat will not cause baldness, as long as you use them in a good way.
1. Do not wear a hat that is too tight
2. Do not be too long to use a hat
3. Use in the right climate

Thus some things about does wearing a hat cause baldness and hair loss? Hopefully could useful for you. Do not forget to treat your hair well, so that your hair will always healthy and always become the pride for you.

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