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Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil For Hair Growth

Hazelnut is one of the ingredients of cuisine that looks like a large nut, and besides being used as a natural ingredient to make various dishes becomes delicious, hazelnut can also nourish your hair. But of course must be processed into oil, and hazelnut oil is the oil that will be used to treat the hair and scalp. Below are some benefits of hazelnut oil for hair growth.


Some benefits of hazelnut oil for hair growth

Nourish the hair

Hazelnut believed could nourish the hair, it’s due to the proteins and minerals that contained in the hazelnut, believed could nourish the hair roots, so we could keep the health of our hair, because if the roots of our hair is healthy, then our hair could be grow to be healthy too.


Maintain the growth of your hair
Besides believed to nourish the hair roots, proteins and minerals in hazelnut believed to help maintain the growth of our hair, so if we can always maintain the growth of our hair, then the hair can grow normally and healthy.

Make your hair thicker and denser
Nutrients that present in hazelnut can help hair follicles get healthy food. So the hair can grow healthier, smoother and thicker on each strand.


Keeping the luster of black hair

If your hair is black, hazelnut can keep the shiny of your hair color. But don’t worry this does not only apply to the black hair, but it’s could be used for any hair color, because the hazelnut oil will make hair shinier and sharpen the original hair color.

The uses of hazelnut oil

To make the hazelnut oil is a bit troublesome, but you can use this oil that already packaged in bottles. All you have to do is be vigilant when you bought it; do not get the fake products.

The usage of this oil is very easy. Just apply on the hair and your scalp, and then massage gently and let stand about 1 hour or could be 1 night, then Wash as usual. You could do this treatment once or twice a week, and look at the results.

That's a few tips about benefits of hazelnut oil for hair growth, may be useful for all of us. But if you want to cure your hair loss or your baldness, you can find the best method below.


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