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Exposed To Heat Damaged Hair

Why heat can damage the hair? The heat that can damage the hair could have come from anywhere, such as from the sun, from the beauty equipment, etc. Therefore, keep your hair from the heat that can damage the hair. Because of the excessive heat can make your hair damaged, loss and even baldness. And here are some things about heat damaged hair.


Getting heat damaged hair

Heat from the sun

Heat from the ultraviolet rays is very useful for the hair, but it can only do in the morning. And you simply do 5 minutes. But the heat of the sun would be very damaging if you do in excess and it can happen when you are sunbathing, traveling, etc. Therefore, use protective headgear if you're forced to be exposed to the sun, because if you force your hair is exposed to sunlight for too long it can damage the hair and hair follicles. So your hair can become dry and damaged.


Heat from hairdryer

For those of you who are busy at work, of course time is precious to you. And to shorten the time to dry your hair, we usually use a hair dryer. But did you know that the heat from a hair dryer can lead to breakage and hair loss? Therefore, you should avoid using a hair dryer, because if done continuously your hair can be dry and damaged. And if you let this condition it can lead to hair loss and even baldness.


Towel generate heat

Dry the hair with a towel is certainly better than we dry the hair using a hairdryer. But even dry our hair with a towel is better than using a hairdryer we also have to consider how to use the good towels, because if you rub your hair with a hard, it can also damage the hair. Because the condition of the hair that still wet is the most fragile condition, so that if you rub the hair too hard, it will generate heat that can damage our hair.


Those are some things that you should know about heat damaged hair. Maintain your hair, consider all things to keep our hair, and do not underestimate anything even if it seems trivial.


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