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Benefits Of Hibiscus For Hair

Hibiscus which we know as a garden ornament, and indeed is a gorgeous and beautiful flower for decoration in the garden of our house. Turns out it have some benefits that we can take for the health of our hair. And below we give you some benefits of hibiscus for hair.




Some benefits of hibiscus for hair

Anti Dandruff

Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight. Milled hibiscus leaves and fenugreek seeds and mix with buttermilk. Apply the paste on your scalp and say 'goodbye' to dandruff! Do not let dandruff gets worse, because it can interfere with the health and the growth of your hair, and even can lead to hair loss or baldness.


Hair masks

Mix three tablespoons of amla powder with three tablespoons of softened hibiscus leaves. Mix well to form a mask. Apply the mask on your hair and wait for about 30 minutes. And this hair mask can keep the health of our hair.


As Shampoo

Boil 15 leaves of hibiscus and 5 hibiscus flowers in a cup of water for about five minutes. After cooled, grind into a paste. This pasta mixture, you can use as needed, just like you are using regular shampoo.


As conditioner

Soften 8 hibiscus flowers and use enough water to make a smooth paste. Apply it on the scalp and hair, wait for half hour and rinse with warm water. And then this hair conditioner will nourish the hair roots and help the growth of our hair.


Those are some benefits of hibiscus for hair, may be useful for you. Always keep the health of our hair because the hair is our crown and supporting our appearance.


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