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How To Relieve Stress By Massage

Stress is very disturbing and can cause various diseases, interfere with the body's metabolism and can cause hair loss or baldness. You become restless, can not enjoy, can not concentrate and others. But do not worry, here we will give you some tips on how to relieve stress with some massage techniques, you can enjoy the tranquility and refreshing sensation without the cost. Perform these tips before you take a shower with warm water.

Here's how to relieve stress by massage techniques

Massage gently on the head

The trick is to take enough shampoo, it is recommended you choose a shampoo that could make you relaxed and in accordance with the needs of your hair. Massage thoroughly to reduce stress on the head. By massaging your head, your hair will be able to strengthen your hair, because the blood circulation in the head becomes more smoothly. Not only that, your hair will get a stimulus to grow healthier and longer. Perform this massage for 10-15 minutes.

Massage on face

When you cleanse your face with a cleanser, also do massage on your face. Take a gentle massage to the upper face. The trick, massage the eye area to the upper side forehead, chin, cheeks and above, also massage the area around your neck and nape. With this massage, can help reduce and relieve stress on your face.

Massage the ear

You should know that the ear is connected to the brain. So, you will be more relaxed when you rub your ear. The trick, massage your ears by using your index finger and thumb. Take about 7 to 8 times.

Massage hands, legs and shoulders

When you shower and use soap, have a massage on the hands, feet and your shoulders. Soap will be easier for you to massage. Do the massage techniques that focus with moderate intensity to loosen stiff muscles. After you shower, you may rub rubbing oil or balm to reduce fatigue and sleep immediately.

Those are some tips on how to relieve stress with a massage, and do not forget, when you sleep, you should not be bothered with television, lights and do not use earphones. So, when you wake up in the morning, your body will be fresh. Because, with sleep in calm conditions, will be able to rest your body to the maximum.


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