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Eliminate Lice In Hair

Head lice is very annoying, various ways can be done to eradicate lice in hair. Even though now in stores have available a variety of drugs to kill head lice, we also can use natural ways to get rid of it. In addition to chemical drugs are not always effective. And chemical drugs usually have side effects that are not good for health. Below are some tips to eliminate lice in hair.



Eliminate lice in hair naturally

Eucalyptus oil and lemon juice

Mix a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil with lemon juice. Use the mixture to wet hair, massage and squeeze the scalp and hair evenly for a few minutes. Cover your head with a plastic shower cap and allow the liquid to work for an hour. Then, Wash your hair thoroughly. Comb the hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs which are still attached. Repeat several times in a week until it is completely free of head lice.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil can enter the respiratory tract of lice and kill them by making weak and dehydrated. Before going to bed, pour the warm coconut oil on the head, squeeze like a wash hair. Wrap head with shower cap, and in the morning, wash your head to clean the oil. Then comb the hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs which are still attached. And do three nights in a row. Recheck the hair and repeat only if necessary.


White Vinegar

White vinegar does not kill lice in hair, but effectively make lice eggs easily separated from its grip on the hair. And vinegar is an antiseptic that can clean up mold and bacteria in the head. Wet your head and scalp with vinegar water. Close the head with a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes so the vinegar is absorbed and work. Comb your hair with a special comb to remove lice and their eggs. The eggs were previously very sticky in the hair will be easily detached. Then, wash your hair thoroughly. If head lice and their eggs remaining in the head can be repeated again in the next day.


Hair cut

This is the last of the easiest ways to get rid of hair lice, but you have to sacrifice performance. But it’s okay, for the sake of the health of our hair would not hurt if we do it. The important thing is that we can get rid of lice in hair.


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