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Causes and symptom of male pattern baldness

Many people who have to accept the fact that they become a bald, every day, almost 10,000 strands of hair loss from their scalp. Under normal conditions, about five years of hair can endure.

In male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, hair loss can not always be replaced by new hair, so the hair loss will begin to emerge and be seen. However, the process occurs slowly and takes a long time. And if left unchecked, you will go bald. Before that happens you should immediately conduct intensive hair care. Do not be left too long, because if left unchecked, will be more difficult to recover.

Here‘s about male pattern baldness

Normal hair

If hair loss less than 100 strands of hair, it can be said to be still in normal condition. However, if more than 100 strands of hair per day, it can be said the condition was not normal. But the hair really healthy there should be no loss at all in every day.
So do not panic, if the loss occurs every day for the loss was less than 100 strands per day. Just do the intensive hair care so that hair loss can be reduced, allowing hair to be healthy and strong.


The causes of male pattern baldness

In male pattern baldness usually occurs associated with genes and sex hormones of every man. Characterized by following the pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown, and is caused by a genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance. Baldness in general occurs when hair follicles shrink, so the hair is so much shorter and smoother. Finally, the follicles do not grow new hair. However, the follicles are still alive, and medication to grow new hair is still possible.


The male pattern baldness symptoms

The symptoms usually begins with the hair loss in hairline, then the hair gradually began to fall out. Hairline slowly started to move backwards. And this condition is called male pattern baldness. Therefore, keep the health of your hair, so your hair always grows up healthy and strong. Perform maintenance to maintain its fertility, so if your hair healthy and strong then we could reduce hair loss and avoid baldness.

Those are pattern baldness in men hopefully useful for us. And to add your knowledge you can see about female pattern baldness and the other articles.


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