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Many of the factors that make people want to change their hair color can be as bored with their hair color or wants to change their appearance to look more different or they are also more confident with a different hair color, because any change in hair style and color, can bring about change for the whole appearance and attitude.

For those who have light-colored hair, generally want to change their hair color to be darker and vice versa. That's why hair dye became popular among people who often want a new look, including me who always wanted to dye my hair.

But hair dye usually made from chemicals that can cause hair damage, hair loss, or even can cause baldness. Therefore, for those who want much brighter hair color, there is a safe method that is the natural hair dye that is coloring hair using natural ingredients. This method, in addition to less expensive, it is also very safe for the hair, because of the materials used, derived from natural ingredients that do not contain chemicals, so it does not harm your hair. It's just that you should be a little more patient to get the results.

People who have brown hair color are very easy if they want to make their hair color much brighter, one of which is by using lemon juice. Lime juice is a great natural alternative to make hair much brighter, because besides being a natural material is also very good to nourish the hair and other benefits that are useful for hair health. Below are natural hair dye tips.

Natural hair dye tips


Combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with six tablespoons of water, and then wipe the hair. Before doing so, make sure that your hair is dry. Allow up to a few hours, and then rinse with water. Do this for a few days, and you'll get much brighter hair color, and more healthy of course. For shorter hair, use smaller amounts.



Tea can be used to make much brighter hair, or darken hair, both are equally effective. If your hair is light, then the tea can make your hair color becomes darker. Vice versa, tea can make a dark hair color becomes brighter.

Boil tea leaves or tea bags into the water to a boil, then remove and leave to cool. Wash your hair with this tea boiled water. You have to do it a few days to see results.


Those are natural hair dye tips, hopefully can be an inspiration for those who want to look different, without the need to use hair dye products, which contain many chemicals that can damage your hair. So you can still color your hair, and can keep your hair healthy and strong.


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