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About Oily Hair Care

Beautiful hair is a dream for all men and women. But a lot of things to do to keep the hair always look beautiful and healthy. One of them is the problem of oily hair, which can ruin the appearance. Below are some things about oily hair care.



Here about oily hair care

The characteristics of oily hair

Oily hair is usually shiny. But it is more visible dull luster. This type of hair is obviously very different from the normal or dry hair. Greasy hair is usually more shiny and always fused and sticky even after shampooing.


Causes of Oily Hair

Oily hair is usually caused by the activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp. This usually occurs because of a genetic predisposition or may also be influenced by the food consumed by a person, such as the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Hormones in the body also affect the oil in the hair. Sex hormone androgen in men while using contraception when dealing with women can activate the sebaceous glands. Structure and hair color are also relevant. Thin hair typically absorbs oil faster than thick hair.


Oily hair care

The oily hair care, basically the same as other hair care, especially in the hair wash. Some people believe that greasy hair should not be washed often. But this myth has been disproved. At present, hair experts suggest that to wash greasy hair, we have to do it when the hair is dirty. For greasy hair owners are advised to wash your hair every day, if we live in densely populated areas or in areas with a lot of pollution. Of course it should be done by using a shampoo that suits oily hair.


Wash oily hair

Oily hair, it is advisable not washed with the water temperature is too hot. The best temperature to wash greasy hair it should be at a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. In choosing any shampoo, greasy hair owners are advised to use herbal shampoo. This type of hair shampoo should also be given twice. Shampoo allowed to stand in the person's head for 3-5 minutes. By doing so, shampoo expel all existing oil in the hair. Owner greasy hair should also have to forget to use conditioner, because conditioner will only worsen the condition of the hair that is no longer sticky after washing.


Drying oily hair

Almost every morning we usually use a hair dryer because it is very simple and does not require a long time to dry your hair. But apparently dry your hair with a hair dryer, it is not recommended for oily hair, because it can lead to brittle and damaged hair.


Oily hair styles

Greasy hair, curly style is better to use, because it can develop hair, because when using a straight hair style, the hair will look sticky and limp. So, we suggest you better use a curly hair style, so you always look beautiful / handsome and confident.

Those are some things we need to know about oily hair care, hopefully we continue to get various kinds of knowledge, to nurture our hair, in order to remain healthy and strong.

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