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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair Care

Beautiful hair is everyone's dream. Indicator beautiful hair is hair that is thick, smooth shiny and healthy. In fact, pretty hair problems create headaches, for example the problem of hair loss, dandruff or even lice. Sometimes someone who is experiencing hair problems have to spend to pay for some expensive hair treatments. There is a cheap and accurate solution for hair health problems is olive oil.

Olive oil is oil with many benefits. Not only for your health or skin care, but also has the value of benefits in all aspects of life. Vitamin content in olive oil is believed to treat, prevent and reduce some of the health problems of the skin. Even many people who use olive oil for hair care. Below some benefits of olive oil for hair care.

Benefits of olive oil for hair care

For hair Loss

The content of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in olive oil beneficial for hair and scalp health. For damaged hair because often colored, straightened or curled using a special tool, too frequent use of hair dryers and other, can make olive oil as a hair lotion. Apply the oil on the entire surface of the scalp with a soft massage. Then wear a towel to cover her hair that had been smeared with oil for about 10 minutes.


For dandruff

Olive oil benefits for hair, the first one is able to eliminate dandruff and head lice. Mix the olive oil with the almond oil in the ratio 2:1. Then coat the surface of the scalp with this oil mixture with a massage gently for about 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. It could also apply olive oil directly on the scalp accompanied by a gentle massage.

To cope with hair loss, you can make a hair mask out of a combination of olive oil and egg yolk, olive oil and honey, olive oil and avocado, and others. Mask combination of olive oil and fish oil can also be applied to nourish the hair, able to consume it directly or by smearing to the scalp, with both the oil.


For thicken hair

Before shampooing, coat the hair with olive oil to moisturize hair. Mask avocado and olive oil can be used on dry hair problem. In addition to moisturizing, nutrition olive oil can also thicken hair. Of course, the results are not instant. You have to regularly apply the olive oil for hair care. Other hair mask is a result of a combination of olive oil and eggs, the point to make the hair look more fluffy and shiny. For lengthen the hair, you can mix lemon seed and crushed pepper, and mix both ingredients by 2 tablespoons.
That's some of the benefits of olive oil for hair care, may be useful for your hair health.

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