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Best Haistyles For Oval Faces

Here some hairstyles for oval faces that you can use to change your hairstyles, soyouwill notfeelmonotonouslook.

The characteristics of the oval face:

  • Your face looks longer than wide.
  • Your jaw looks round.
  • Outline of your face looks like an inverted form of chicken eggs - your face is wider at the cheekbones. Simpleforeheadwidth(wider than the jaw)
  • Part of your face should be divided to three equal parts, namely between the hairline, forehead, nose and chin.
  • The distance between your eyes the same as the width of one eye.
  • Your face no extreme characteristics. For example, you do not have very big eyes or small, mouth or nose.


Some hairstyles for oval faces

Women hairstyles for oval faces



Men hairstyles for oval faces


Those are some examples of hairstyles for oval faces. Hope you like it.  If you have a friend with rectangular face and triangle face, please check inside this article. And if you need some tips for your hair care, you can explore this site.

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