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The other hairstyles that can be used for women is the pageboy hairstyle. This hairstyle is a longer version of a bob, typically worn with a fringe (bangs) and reaching shoulder-length or a little longer. But over the times to avoid boredom we could make some innovation of these hairstyles, but still have the basic of this hairstyle.

So, for those of you who was bored with the bob hairstyles or you wanna try the new hairstyle, no harm if you try these hairstyles. We have some pageboy hairstyle below.


Various pageboy hairstyles








Besides pageboy hairstyle you can find out the other hairstyles in this website, so you can get the other references such as ponytail or crown braid hairstyles, etc. to change your haircuts. And if you need some hair treatments, you can explore this website.


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