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The Pompadour Hairstyle actually has been around since the time of King Louis the 15th of France. At first, this hairstyle is the mistress of the king’s hairstyle that is Madame De Pompadour Louis and in that century the hairstyle has become much favored by men. And this hairstyle became famous again in the 50s, which was popularized by the late Elvis Presley and since then this hairstyle have been widely used by the men.

Pompadour hair style is often referred to as pomade hairstyle. This is because as the hairstyle is durable and look good by using hair oil pomade that can make existing crest on top of the head can be lasting up to 24 hours. So we do not need to tidy up the hair at any time, simply by using hair oil pomade, your hair can last long and the crest is not easily broken . (Pomade oil made from coconut oil mixed with vegetable wax). Here are some hairstyles of pompadour that may interest you.

Various Pompadour Hairstyles








Those are some things about the pompadour hairstyle. I hope you like it and if you need some more you can add quiff and undercut hairstyle, etc to your collections.

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