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Tips Prevent Baldness At Young Age


Baldness was not only the monopoly of the old people, but many are also experienced by those who are relatively young. Even, the process of baldness may occur in adolescence or from the age of 20 years. Therefore, to reduce the risk of hair loss or baldness, below are some tips how to prevent baldness at young age.


Tips how to prevent baldness at young age


Have excessive male hormones may not sound like a bad subject, but testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can have a bad impact on specific parts of the hair follicle. The hormones seep into the hair shaft and cause hair could not be thicker. After the hair is reduced, with a specific diameter can stop growing completely. When men were stressed, the body may produce more hormones, and inclines make hair fall out. Therefore, try to relax, because in addition to calming the mind also can prevent the onset of baldness at young age.


Do not skip breakfast

Hair consists of keratin, the substance that gives him the ability. Too little protein can alter levels of keratin, to result in power loss and hair stops growing. Breakfast is a good time to add protein in the body, with foods like fish, eggs, chicken or red meat. So that the protein needs will be met, the hair will grow healthy and we can prevent baldness at a young age.


Stop smoking

Studies show that smoking can also cause hair loss. This is because smoking can cause damage to blood vessels and result in damage to the blood supply to the hair follicles. So quitting smoking is one way to avoid balding at a young age.


Eating nuts

If we are deficient in iron, it can cause hair loss. And if you do not have enough iron, it can reduce ferritin in our bodies, which is called iron storage molecule in the body. Regarding this in turn can interfere with normal hair growth and increase hair loss. Eat iron-rich foods like nuts, red meat, green vegetables and dried fruits, can help reduce excessive hair loss, and we can prevent baldness at young age.


Do not comb too hard

Combing hair with hard can scratch the scalp and pull the hair out from the root and cause damage to the hair follicles. It's important to keep the scalp gently when shampooing, and do not tug at your hair with a brush or comb.And young people usually want to always look neat and one of them is by combing the hair. But sometimes they do not pay attention how to comb hair properly. And that's one of the reasons for balding at a young age.


Do not color your hair

With a monotone hair color, sometimes people are driven to change hair color, but they do not know the dangers contained in hair dyes.
According to the research shows that hair dye, which is filled with chemical para-phenylenediamine (ppd) can cause allergic reactions and chronic dermatitis, which can cause damage to the scalp and hair follicles.

Those are some tips to prevent baldness at young age. Make these tips becomes a habit, give sufficient attention to your hair, so that you can avoid baldness at young age.


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