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Tips Prevent Gray Hair

We all want to always look beautiful, and healthy. Especially if we are talking about the hair issue, we would also want our hair always looks gorgeous and glowing. But with age or other factors sometimes we are disturbed by the appearance of the gray. Below are some tips to prevent gray hair.



Tips to prevent gray hair

Pecan oil

Toasted pecans and then mashed, until oil came out, rubbed on the hair and let sit about 15 minutes, after that rinse thoroughly and wash it.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a traditional hair tonic in various parts of the world. Already evident from the many people that coconut oil can eliminate white hair from the head.

Rub a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice on the hair, then massage into scalp evenly. Gently massage until you feel relaxed and calm. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


Bitter yogurt

Mix one gram of black pepper or ground coffee with 100 grams of unsweetened yogurt. After that, apply gently to the scalp and hair. Then wash with warm water and shampoo after 1 hour. Do this every week and will get good results. In addition to eliminating the hoar, this mixture can make your hair shinier and prevents dandruff. And besides makes your hair blacker and darker it's also can maintain your hair color.


Applying pumpkin juice

Mixture of pumpkin juice and sesame oil or olive oil in addition can help hair healthy, shiny and thick, but it can also prevent grey hair.


Foods that Containing of Protein

Add your protein intake with wheat, beans, fish, meat, and chicken. Vitamin A and B as well as minerals iron and zinc are very useful against the hoar, while the cauliflower, cabbage, liver, yogurt, beef and almonds provide nutrients needed by the hair. Eating protein makes hair texture shines again, with both natural and can restore pigment and eliminate gray hair.


Consume the foods that contain of copper

Crabs, mussels and sunflower seeds contain copper required to produce melanin. Copper deficiency makes melanin production decreases and causes gray hair appears, with more melanin produced, can eliminate the hoar.
Another way is to use a concentrated tea and add a tablespoon of salt into the tea. Pour evenly on hair while massaging the scalp until you feel comfortable. Leave for about an hour, then rinse your hair with cold water but do not use shampoo, because the properties will be lost. The point is we can use some foods to prevent hoar or gray hair from inside.


Hair coloring

the final way if your white hair is very disturbing your daily life, then you can use hair dye. But with black hair dye is forbidden for Muslims. When using temporary hair dye, it is important to keep the moisture and also avoid the rain so the dye does not fade, for those of you who have thin hair and messy, so be careful when coloring hair because if you do not you color the hair perfectly, it could likely cause the gray.

Those are some tips to prevent gray hair, may be useful for all of us.


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The point is we can use some foods to prevent hoar or gray hair from inside.

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