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According to wikipedia, quiff is hairstyle that combine 50s pompadour hairstyle, Flattop 50s, and sometimes mohawk. According to language, Quiff derived from the word "coiffe", the French, the name for the war knights wear a helmet.

Quiff hair style was originally famous for Teddy Boy movement in the UK, in the 1950s. Had declined in popularity, but rising again in the 80s in Europe, and this year, quiff is one of the world's hairstyle trends. If anyone knew Tintin, in the Netherlands, he was known as Kuifje, similar to the quiff. Look his hair, he used quiff hairstyle. And if you interest to this hairstyle here we have some examples for you.

Various quiff hairstyles

Quiff hairstyles for women


Quiff hairstyles for men


Tips how to make quiff hairstyle

  • Start by using textured hairspray, so the hairstyle that you want can be arranged perfectly.
  • Separate the hair that you want to be drawn up. Remember that a perfect quiff require a fairly wide section. Separate the front section of hair about an inch and flops to the side, this separation as an anchoring for the creations of the bottom hair.
  • And then you can make the creation to your hair volume.
  • Hold the hair bottom and begin spraying hairspray. Begin to make the arrangement at the bottom of the sprayed hair. This is an effective way to create a textured quiff.
  • Use a soft brush to direct hair back, and use hairspray to change the hairstyle.


If you want combination hairstyles, you can use quiff hairstyle, because this hair style combines several hairstyles. But if you require some recommendation here we have pompadour and undercut that you can use to complete your collections.

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