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Why You Must Stop Scratching Your Head?

Be wary of everything we do every day, even though it was trivial, for example the habit of scratching your head. Do you know that the head scratching should not be done haphazardly? Because it could lead to something undesirable, moreover scratch with long nails, there will be the risk of spreading germs in the head.

Itching on the hair sometimes is due to dandruff which accumulates on the head. In this case, it is not recommended that head scratching excessively. Better you heal with a shampoo or treatment. Dandruff is not a disease of the head, but its presence would interfere with the owner of the hair. And if left unchecked it will be worse, even could lead to hair loss or baldness. So, stop scratching your head before get worse.

Here are the reasons why you must stop scratching your head

The presence of viral or microbial

Excessive scratching can cause injury to the head, so as to facilitate the entry of germs or bacteria. And finally heads infected with a virus or other microbes. And of course it would be bad for the head.

Serboic dermatitis is inflammation of the skin that is often found on the skin of hairless, many of causes of this disease, including hormonal factors, mushrooms, less nutrition, and neurogenic factors. If not dealt with by health experts in this case a dermatologist, then the disease will be worse than this.


Some tips to stop scratching your head

Intensity shampooing

Maintain cleanliness of hair can be the first step to prevent this skin disorder, because prevention is better than cure, so do prevention early, before it's too late to handle it.

A simple step in hair care to avoid this interference is to wash at least 2 times a week. But basically the intensity of shampooing every person is different. For example: if your hair more oily, then it should be more frequent shampooing. But do not forget that the shampoo is used must be in accordance with your hair type.

Lemon juice

And besides washing with shampoo, to relieve itching in the head can also be done by smearing the scalp with lemon juice.

At least, the above tips are much better than the head scratching that can lead to infection of the scalp. So, stop scratching your head, keep doing maintenance on a regular basis until the problem is completely gone. Take care of your scalp, especially if you are someone who has a lot of activity. Because, sweat will be faster moisturizing the scalp so that the scalp will be easy to get dirty, which can cause dandruff and itching on the head.


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