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Reveal Sesame Oil Benefits For Hair

Sesame oil is processed products made from sesame seed juice. This oil is usually used for cooking. Poured a few drops to a cuisine that is almost mature as aroma and flavor enhancer.

In addition to cooking, sesame oil can also be used to treat the body, because the texture is rich and easily absorbed. And this oil is suitable to be used as a skin moisturizer. Besides sesame oil also contains some ingredients that make it suitable for hair care products. And below some sesame oil benefits for hair.

Several sesame oil benefits for hair

Protect from the effects of UV

Who would have thought that sesame oil can protect the hair from the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays? This is one of the main properties of sesame oil, because it can block ultraviolet rays in order not to damage the hair. The antioxidant in sesame oil is also beneficial to protect the hair from pollution.


Blacken hair

Just like hazelnut oil or coconut oil, basically sesame seed oil can also blacken your hair. Apply the oil to the hair shaft regularly. If diligently perform this hair care, the hair will be blacken. And this method is also good to restore gray hair condition.


Healthy hair

Texture of sesame oil is easily absorbed. And this will make it more easily absorbed into the scalp and accelerate blood circulation in the scalp. So that the intake of nutrients and oxygen to the roots and hair shaft will be more smoothly, and this will make the health of our hair will always be maintained, and if our hair always be maintained hopefully we could prevent hair loss and baldness.

Overcoming fungus

Have you ever experienced dandruff or flaking of the scalp caused by fungi? No need to look for high-priced drugs, because actually you can use sesame oil to cope it. Sesame oil has anti-bacterial function, and can kill fungus and bacteria that lodged in the scalp.


Repair damaged hair

Sesame oil has a cooling effect, because it is suitable for treating damaged hair due to sunlight exposure or chemicals. If applied to the hair and scalp, sesame oil will cool from the outside and the inside, repairing hair damage slowly. This cooling effect also make the sesame oil is suitable as a protective layer of hair, before the blow dry.


Softens and makes hair shiny

Sesame oil can nourish the scalp from the outside and the inside. Sesame oil is able to lock moisture from the inside, thus preventing dryness and softens the hair shaft thoroughly. To make the hair softer in an easy way, you stay put some sesame oil into the scalp at bedtime. So the next day your hair will be more soft and shiny.


Natural conditioner

Sesame oil can also be used as a natural conditioner by applying a bit of sesame oil to the hair shaft. So your hair will be more easily arranged, and can protect your hair from the hair styling process that usually uses the heat, such as hair straightening process etc.

Besides sesame oil benefits for hair, there are many plants, fruits and vegetables in this world were not yet fully utilized. But hopefully, this article can add your references about natural oil for hair.


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