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Someone who is always busy to work and have a high activity, they usually will not have enough time to take care of their hair. Even just for a comb, sometimes they do not have time to do it. Therefore, one way to solve this condition is to use a short hair style, hair style because we can save time in the care of the hair, so we did not waste time just to take care of the hair.
And below are some short hairstyles that might suit with your activities and match to the shape of your face. So you can work well without being distracted by your hairstyle.


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Short hairstyles for women












Short hairstyles for men








That’s all about short hairstyles for men and women, hopefully with these hairstyles will help you to carrying out your activities, so that you will get the best results in all your activities. But we also recommend that you can see the long and the short hairstyles as consideration.


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