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Tips To Stimulate Hair Growth

Indeed baldness begins with hair loss, and cessation of hair growth. It can be caused by various reasons. But whatever the reason, hair loss or baldness can be prevented by stimulation of hair growth. Therefore, in this article there are some tips to stimulate hair growth.

How to stimulate hair growth

Best Foods

To support the hair growth, we need the best foods and a varied diet. Therefore, make sure your diet contains 15 percent protein, which can be obtained from meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, etc.

And one of them is to add the menus that contain saturated fats and carbohydrates in moderation, so that the body absorbs enough energy to perform metabolic perfectly. With a perfect body metabolism so our hair will grow healthy and perfectly.

And one important thing is to choose a supplement for hair. Choose supplements containing beta carotene, A and B vitamins, as well as zinc, because these substances are necessary for speed up hair growth. (But do not get too much in A vitamins, because it can damage the hair as well).


Stress Management Techniques

Almost everyone had experienced stress, mild stress or severe stress. To relieve stress may be a bit difficult, but at least, we can manage our stress with stress management techniques in order not to interfere with our health. Perform regular exercise or meditation, so that the body becomes relaxed and refreshed. Enough sleep each night, also helps reduce anxiety and stress.


Healthy Scalp

Do it regularly to massage the scalp, so that the blood circulation in the head can work well, so that the hair follicles will be more active and will help the growth of your hair. Choose a shampoo that fits your hair type, so as to cleanse the scalp and hair follicles, from dust and oil, which can interfere with hair growth.

And then, apply a drop of lavender oil into shampoo or conditioner, to help stimulate hair growth and the follicles, so making hair grow faster, and healthy.


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