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If We Stress Hair Loss Could Happen

Causes of damaged hair, was not only because of the condition of the scalp, or your hair is disturbed, but could be due to the influence of the psychic being decreased. Just like skin, hair also can feel the symptoms of stress you are experiencing. Therefore if we let stress hair loss will occur. Below about stress related hair loss.



If you stress hair loss will occur

Can stress cause hair loss?

Stress that commonly felt by every human being can have a big impact on the development of your body. When you feel the hair loss, dandruff or limp hair, this may be because of the burden of thinking, you're going through. This causes usually not realized because the symptoms are not accompanied by pain.

Stressful conditions can make a bad influence on the body, inhibits blood circulation, metabolism and cell regeneration. When you feel stress, hormones will be more fulfilling your body and make the body condition decline, weak, dizzy, tired to psychological conditions such as irritable. If this condition occurs, immediately find how to relieve stress, so that stress does not damage your health.

Checking stress

To see you under stress or not, you can check how much hair falling out when you wash it, if you suddenly get a lot of dandruff, excessive hair dullness, you may need to act to overcome the stress of hair. The best thing to fix it is to rest and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals such as hair spray and wax because it can increase the stress on your hair. And there is nothing wrong, if occasionally you do relaxation and do scalp massage to reduce stress in your head. But be careful, do massage gently, so it will not damage your hair.

If you are experiencing the hair problem, help your hair by using natural ingredients to overcome the stress of hair. Such as tea water that allowed to stand overnight to overcome dandruff, aloe vera for dull hair, lemon for oily hair and so on. And will be better if you have stress management techniques to control and manage your stress.

Causes of damaged hair is not just because of the stress on the hair, but also can be caused by thinking you're going through. Do not let busyness, take control of your life, set the time balance between work and rest; it is necessary to cope with the stress of hair. In addition, eating a balanced nutritious diet is also necessary. So one way to prevent hair loss, do not let stress happens to you, because if we stress hair loss will occur. So, if you love your hair, keep your hair healthy, either from within or from outside and one of them is to avoid stress. Believe it that every human being must be have problems in life, face all the problems with patience and calm, and reassure ourselves that every issue must be a solution.


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